Vintage 1930s Delco Tombstone Radio Model 1105
Vintage 1930s Delco Tombstone Radio Model 1105

Delco Tombstone Radio Model 1105, Vintage 30s, Wooden


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For sale here is a vintage 1930s Delco tombstone radio (Model 1105, AM/SW) with a dark brown wood casing. This model was from 1935-1936 and was made in Detroit, MI, by United Motors Service Inc. I tested it and I was able to get a few AM stations in and the dial lights up as well. The tubes were hot after a couple minutes of use, but I would assume this is normal for tube radios. It measures 12.5″ tall by 10.5″ wide by about 7.5″ deep and is pretty heavy, weighing 12.5 pounds on its own. The four knobs control tone, power/volume, tuning and band (AM broadcast or police/shortwave). The wood casing has some scratches, nicks and chips. It looks like it probably originally had some “feet” on the bottom, but they are not here now. At some point, someone put felt pads on the bottom to protect whatever surface it may be placed on. This vintage Delco tombstone radio would be a great, functional home decor piece on a shelf or table!


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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 13 x 13 in