Antique Time Receipt Recorder Clock
Antique Time Receipt Recorder Clock
Antique Time Receipt Recorder ClockAntique Time Receipt Recorder ClockAntique Time Receipt Recorder ClockAntique Time Receipt Recorder Clock

Antique Receipt Recorder Time Clock, London, England, Wood & Metal


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Product Description

For sale here is an amazing, antique receipt recorder time clock from Time Recorder Supply & Maintenance Co. (159 Grange Road, London S.E.1., Made in England). It has a beautiful wood casing and great metal accents on the outside. There are four rubber feet on the bottom, making this a tabletop version. The inside has many cool gears and mechanisms. There is also a large brass key inside for winding the clock (see last pic) as well as a roll of old paper! It measures 13.5″ x 12.25″ x 6″. It is not in working order so it is being sold as is for repair or decor purposes. However, there is a lever on the left side (for clocking in, I presume) that does move things inside and ring a bell when pulled! Pretty awesome! It has great aging for wonderful vintage character! The inside has some dirt and rust and there are a few small holes in the bottom wood (not rotted). There is also a small key that somewhat fits in the front lock, but it is not the original key. It turns the mechanism, but doesn’t seem to able to lock it. It is VERY heavy, weighing in at 25+ lbs, thus the reason the shipping cost is high. This antique receipt recorder time clock would be a great conversation piece as home decor or a great gift/project for a horologist!


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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 16 x 9 in